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Department Officers

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The management of the Department of Florida is vested in those officers who have been properly elected by the representatives of the regular membership of the Department of Florida at the Annual
Convention. They shall constitute The Department Board of Trustees. They are:

Department Commandant
Department Senior Vice Commandant
Department Junior Vice Commandant
Department Judge Advocate
A Past Commandant appointed by the Commandant.

The Board of Trustees shall be assisted and advised by the District Vice Commandants (who are elected by the delegates of their districts’ detachments).

The Commandant shall appoint the following Department Officers who shall become a part of the Department Staff:

Department Adjutant
Department Paymaster
Department Chaplain
Department Sergeant-at-Arms

All appointed Department Officers serve at the pleasure of the Commandant.

Special Staff shall be appointed by the Department Commandant to carryout specific tasks required by the Department to fulfill its goals and responsibilities to the Marine Corps League and to its membership. These staff members shall report to the Board of Trustees on a regular basis as required by the Commandant, the Trustees and the Department By-Laws. They shall include:

Department Service Officer
Department Legislative Officer
Department Public Relations Officer
Department Communications Officer
And such other Officers as are determined by the Board of Trustees.

All appointed special staff serve at the pleasure of the Commandant.

Committees: Committees will be appointed, as required, by the Department Commandant to meet the needs of the Department. All Committee Chairpersons are responsible to the Staff for timely response and reports as directed. Additional specific committees are addressed in designated and approved as appendices to these By-Laws. These include:

1. Department Standing Committee Chairperson (as required)
2. Department Special Committee Chairperson (when designated)

Any individual seeking elected office of the Department of Florida Marine Corps League shall have completed the Department of Florida Leadership School and have received a certificate of completion.

Any individual, who would be considered for an Appointed Office at the Department of Florida level, shall have completed the Department of Florida Leadership School and have received a certificate of completion.

Duties of Elected Officers


(1) Is Chairman for the conduct of all Department level Conventions, Conferences, Staff or Committee Meetings and/or, when present, other meetings called at State level.

(2) Shall, with the guidance of the elected Department Judge Advocate, rule on all matters at all meetings held at Department level.

(3) Shall be responsible to the membership for the supervision of the elected and appointed Staff and committees.

(4) Shall exercise such prerogatives as may be necessary between meetings to maintain the objectives of the Marine Corps League and the Department of Florida by carrying out the duties of office as defined under National and State By-Laws and as necessary in good judgment for the good of the League.

(5) Shall be responsible to the membership to account for all actions to the satisfaction of a majority of the members present at any Convention or Conference at State level.

(6) Shall act on behalf of the Department membership in dealing with all matters relating to activities of Detachments in the best interest of existing and proposed Detachments and will hold in good faith the authority to endorse all correspondence forwarded by District Vice Commandants to National concerning the good of the League within the Department of Florida.


(1) Shall act as the Department Commandant in the absence of the Department Commandant and will assume the duties of the Department Commandant in the absence of, or in the event that the Department Commandant declines to continue or is unable to continue, or for any other reason which causes the elected
Commandant to be unable to perform the specific duties of Commandant in office for the remainder of a term.

(2) Shall assist the Department Commandant as required by the Department Commandant and act as principal advisor to both the Department Commandant and the Junior Vice Commandant on matters related to fund raising and recruitment.

(3) Shall act as Chairman, (in coordination with the “Permanent Co-Chairman” appointed by the Department Commandant) Department of Florida, Marine Corps League, Marine Veterans Affairs Committee

(DFMCL, MVAC). In this capacity, the Senior Vice Commandant will assist, or direct assistance for, the members of the DFMCL and MVAC in support of District Vice Commandants, Detachment and Marine Veterans throughout the State of Florida as representatives at any and all joint service related Veteran's Affairs Meetings at the State level.


(1) Shall be prepared to assume the duties of Senior Vice Commandant in the absence of the Senior Vice Commandant in the absence of both the Department Commandant and the Senior Vice Commandant; be prepared to and, if necessary, assume the duties of Department Commandant.

(2) Shall be responsible for the development and implementation of recruiting and fund raising programs in support of all Districts and Detachments.

(3) Shall perform other duties as requested or directed by the Department Commandant or Senior Vice Commandant.


(1) Shall be thoroughly familiar with National By-Laws and Department By-Laws and will be at the call of the Department membership to advise regarding interpretation of these by-laws.

(2) Shall express opinions regarding application of By-Laws based on familiarity with such By-Laws and give advise to the Chair when requested in the course of meetings subject to acceptance by the Department Commandant whose ruling will be sufficient to proceed but subject to review and reconsideration in the event that
National review is contrary to the agreed upon interpretation.

(3) Shall respond to inquiries in writing, noting concurrence by the National By-Laws where appropriate and will respond to telephone inquiries on a tentative basis with written response as previously noted to follow.

(4) Shall act as Chairman of the By-Laws Committee and in this capacity he will review all Department meeting minutes and, in the event that a motion has been passed necessitating change in the published By-Laws, properly frame the motion, determine where the change will be inserted and provide the Adjutant with such copies as may be required for publication to all Detachments and to all Department Staff Officers to accommodate updating their By-Laws.

In addition, the Judge Advocate will receive all proposed changes to the By-Laws, in writing not less than thirty (30) days before the Spring Conference which is held in March, and review them.  Each proposed change will be annotated and presented to the By-Laws Committee, which will meet at the annual Department Convention but before the Convention meeting convenes in order to make recommendations of each proposed change to the membership seated at the Convention meeting.

The Judge Advocate will insure that all proposed changes are made available to all Department Staff Officers and all Detachments at the Spring Conference so they may become familiar with such proposed changes.

(5) The Judge Advocate will receive two (2) copies of each Detachment's By-Laws and after reviewing them will:

(a) Approve them, return one (1) copy to the submitting Detachment Commandant, along with a cover letter of Certification, and will retain one (1) copy, along with any submitted changes in the Department Judge Advocate's files.

(b) Disapprove them and return one (1) copy to the submitting Detachment Commandant with a letter justifying the disapproval with recommendations required in order to get them approved. He will retain one (1) copy in the Department Judge Advocate's files.


(1) Shall be responsible for assisting the Department Commandant and Staff in supporting Detachments within their Districts.

(2) Are particularly charged with the responsibility of having knowledge, at District level, of the guidelines of the Department for activities of Fund Raising for Detachments and the Department, for recruiting programs within Detachments and for the establishment of new Detachments within their Districts.

(3) Within the Department of Florida, the District Vice Commandants are and will remain an integral part of the chain of command in all matters regarding the continuance of existing Detachments and the Chartering of new Detachments.

(4) Shall report, in writing, to the Department Commandant regarding matters pertaining to the District not less than quarterly as of the first day of July thru June 30, the Department’s fiscal year.

(5) The Assistant District Vice-Commandant shall be an appointed officer and the position shall be established at the request of the District Vice and/or the district members. The assistant shall assist their District Vice Commandant, at the direction of their District Vice Commandant and/ or Department Commandant, and report directly to the District Vice Commandant on all matters. The District Vice Commandant shall report to the Department Commandant.

Duties of Appointed Department Officers


(1) Is appointed by the Department Commandant and must be approved by the Department Elected Staff.

(2) Shall act as Administrative Secretary to the Department and Elected Staff. In this capacity, he or she will keep a written and electronic record of all meetings (Conventions, Conferences, Staff Meetings and etc.) as requested by the Department Commandant. At the conclusion of any and all such meetings, he or she will prepare a
summary written report of the meeting attended. A copy of all reports will be furnished to all members of the Elected Staff, to concerned Appointed Officers and Special Staff, to all Detachments and, upon request, to any member of the Department.

(NOTE: Special requests for an additional copy or copies of limited distribution reports will be charged to the requester at not less than $0.50 per page plus postage.

Electronic records will be retained for a period of not less than two (2) years and may be disposed of or erased for reuse upon approval of the Elected Staff at the request of the Adjutant Paymaster after the written records have been validated.

(3) Shall post a report of the minutes of the last Department meeting in a conspicuous place at the location of and on the occasion of the next meeting for review by all delegates.


(1) Is appointed by the Department Commandant and must be approved by the Department Elected Staff.

(2) Shall receive Membership Dues Transmittal & Change Notification Forms and Request for Transfer forms from all Department Detachments. Shall review contents of such forms to insure completeness and accuracy. Shall return the forms that require correction or forward completed documents to National as
required. Such action must occur not more than five (5) working days from date of receipt. Accept funds for deposit due the Department.

(3) Shall be responsible for the accounting of Department revenues and disbursements. Duties will include receiving all money due the Department and disbursing funds under the direction of the Department Commandant. Shall insure that funds are disbursed in accordance with the adopted budget.

(4) Shall keep Department officers and members aware of the Department's financial status by preparing quarterly financial reports that accurately reflect money received, disbursements made, and the unexpended portion of the adopted budget.

(5) Shall provide assistance, as needed, to the Budget Committee for the preparation of the Department's Annual Budget.

(6) Shall prepare and timely file financial reports which the Department may be required to submit to various governmental agencies.


(1) Maintain a record of all members in distress, sick or recently deceased. He will insure that this record is available for a report at scheduled meetings and that appropriate honors are provided at scheduled memorial services.

(2) Shall receive from Detachments Deceased Member forms and insure that all persons concerned are informed for initiation of appropriate action in support of living members or for next of kin. He will assist the Department in all aspects of that officer's duty.

(3) Insure that appropriate condolence cards and/or other remembrances are provided members to the deceased member's families.

(4) Open and close all Department meetings with invocation/prayer and be prepared to conduct memorial services through coordination with hosting Detachments at all meetings of the Department.


The Department Sergeant-at-Arms will preserve order at Department Conventions and meetings and will perform other duties as are required by the Department Commandant in order to help preserve continuity and order at said Conventions/meetings. He is empowered to deputize such Deputy Sergeant-at-Arms as may be necessary for the proper performance of his duties.


The Department Special Staff and Committees are appointed by the Department Commandant as required. Both the Special Staff and Committee members’ duties are designated by the Department Commandant, as he sees fit and all reports from these Staff/Committee members are made directly to the Department Commandant.


The Junior Past Department Commandant shall, upon appointment by the Commandant with the consent and advice of the Board of Trustees, be a full voting member of the Department Board of Trustees, contributing generously and impartially from past experience to the best interest of the Marine Corps League. The Junior Past Department Commandant shall preside at all Past
Department Commandants Council meetings, seeking therein to build membership strength.